About the Beauty Cat

The beauty cat: Evi's Official Website. Posts, photos and videos of Evi Vatidou.Evi Vatidou was born in Athens, Greece. She is the beauty pageant winner Miss Greece 1999 and mother of two children. She began her career in modeling, moving later into media and appearing on several television shows nationwide.

Besides her love for fashion, she has a natural talent for public relations and event organization. Evi is also an active sportswoman and passionate traveler. She created her blog in 2015 to express herself and to connect with the world.


Evi has the following formal qualifications:
  • Journalism and Social media Diploma
  • Teachers Diploma in National Dancing School of Greece

The Beauty Cat

The Beauty Cat is a blog that aims to inform daily women on fashion and beauty issues. It was founded in London in March 2015 by Evi Vatidou. Since its first day, it has focused in fashion coverage, in order to inform its followers on a variety of subjects such as fashion, travelling, nutrition etc.

The Beauty Cat’s vision can be summed up as follows:

«Fashion photography is fun, not a need!»

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