Walking the halls of the Star Channel Headquarters & arriving backstage I am taken back some years in an incredibly positive way. As if nothing had changed (In a good heartfelt way). So many familiar faces..I’m feeling as if it was literally yesterday. Sitting later with the lovely Tatianna Stefanidou in the studio, I feel so at home, as it’s such a friendly smart discussion. I’m comfortably moved by the level of conversation and positive feedback.
Thank you so much to everyone at Star & to all the viewing audience including new & old Beauty Cat followers; you inspire me!! #loveyou


  1. Όπως πάντα εισαι μια κούκλα… Θα ήθελα να μάθω το φουστάνι που φόρουσες στην Τατιάνα που μπορω να το βρω;;

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