Ohh!! The Greek Riviera, a place where the Beauty Cat has in recent years made a special relation. Knowing the new exclusive lodging establishments from their infancy, in particular the Amanzoe Spa & Resort.

If your yearning for the ultimate “Greek Experience” that will leave you feeling like a mythological character in Ancient Greece; enter Amanzoe. Here in the Acropolis (hill top) like advanced Ancient Greek inspired architecture including earth like elements in an ultra-modern environment with hospitality leaving you feel elevated and renewed.

The Beauty Cat passed a lovely evening with friends for dinner & fine Greek wine..We start with some fine Greek Chardonnay locally produced in the Peloponnese region. Our Italian friends & colleagues are taken by the exquisite flavors and quality of the wine & not only the wine but also the “Olio” as the Amanzoe boasts their own olive groves consisting of many original trees dating back several hundred years. Every year during the harvest the olives are locally processed and the oil is served up in the hotels restaurants (we indulge in some tasting of the oil with Greek Village bread. It’s simply divine. The night ends after some more tasty culinary treats, without any absence of memorable conversation & happy moments with friends.

We would return the following day for the beach club. It wasn’t all sunbathing & swimming (but I have to say that the local waters are having the perfect warm temp, you never want to get out) as The Beauty Cat with the team would be engaging later with optimum timing for lighting different photo shoots. This day would also be my first shoot with the Bikini collection of Valentina Ferragni. These bikinis are so cool, with many choices of colorful patterns and wearable comforting designs. #loveit During the shoot some new onlookers could not help to take notice and I’m feeling a little embarrassed, their probably taken by the bright fun colors of the bikinis. We would sit near them during lunch and exchange some entertaining moments; we made new friends!

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