“The Lobster”

So spending my time in the Riviera, quite aware of the Greek people involved at the Festival de Cannes, being optimistic & somewhat confident of success, specifically the participation of favori “The Lobster” for the Palme D’or by Greek director George Lanthimos starring hollywood acclaimed actor Collin Farrell along side Rachel Weisz. Really great honor & bright news for Greece, especially in this time of trial for our homeland. This unconventional love story which unfolds as finding love as a matter of life or death. Set in the not to distant future, gives middle-aged men & women up too 1 & 1/2 months to find their lovemate or face being transformed into animals, all set in a hotel. But one escapes the situation and conditions…

In the future; awkward as may it be depicted in The Lobster, my personal feeling why the film was awarded and will be well received is that in the search of love as perceived here as difficult, as we all are searching for our special one, shows how it’s a battle, an upward climb. Life perhaps in this search – even in our own lives & reality there are many ways most likely through adventure and turns we will all most likely find our way to relate with the film.

A big congratulations to the team for the winning the “jury prize”. With so many contributors including actress Aggeliki Papoulia. Quite honored to have been present in Cannes as The Beauty Cats first festival during which the high honors were received by them. It’s a symbol of hope and inspiration and perhaps my prior article upon arriving in Cannes “in search of love” seems related to this but quite different. Seeming as I lived my own role in personal adventure through real life cinema settings with the same aim.

Back to the film. What I come out of this is that when we are put to choose under circumstances our other half through pressures
unconventionally, we can all be lead to a revolutionary experience in order to “escape” the situation in findind love. The compromised people who stayed perhaps were forced into a miserable like existence, although thinking they were saving themselves, but those who escape through effort are on the right road of hope with courage to the correct target.

Apart from the enchanting time and sparkling events people are reminded again of the life lessons one being finding happiness; completed through all it’s trials & tribulations with the accomplishment of finding their true love.

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