Here we go … next stop Monaco in the shade of the Grand Prix we  enter Monaco seeing all the preparations for the most GRAND of  Formula 1 races of the circuit. Passing through the Magestic Principality we see the landmarks, including the Stadium Collasal as  it is, then the Palace on the Rock, rounding the marina and one of  the fastest points of the grand prix where as our Chaffeured Black Mercedes Benz Vito driver from Mexico informs us the staight away rising around the back of the new Monaco Yacht club is one of the fastest point of the race where drivers reach speeds in excess of 270km before breaking at the Gucci Boutique; we round the opera and sea views to see the Hotel de Paris on the left, in the moment i think back to my past where i had spent time with my ex-husband dining here; then the casino de monaco and before i can blink … Fairmont of Monte Carlo, our destination.
Our driver swerves around an oddly parked new red Ferarri to drop us  for our lunch and later photo-shoot scheduled on the rooftop pool  area. Rising to the rooftop my feelings inside again are moved and certain that this travel and expierience is truly magical. knowing inside the return to Greece is near its a bittersweet emotion as well but as any Mother knows being away from her children return to them is priceless. Reminded as well that as Coco Channel once said “The best things in life are FREE, but the second best quite expense”


  1. Hi Evi!! I must have been great in Monaco!!!

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