Evi’s diary May 2015

The past 2 weeks I have started my new blog . This idea was in my mind the last 2 years but I was involved and very busy to other things so I didn’t have the time to make a new start. Everything is changing in my life every day, every moment and I am doing an effort to express my self in many different ways. All my business life, I see myself in photos . I realised that people who followed me they still follow and I am very grateful for that. I said to myself “evi start the blog ” and I found the way. This blog is more than a blog . It is Me and you.I thought I was alone ! 😉
The company who organised the web site 6 months ago asked me a question. “Why do you want to have your own blog?” I said : “I don’t know” …now I know.I like everything about it.
It is like a small TV show about fashion but no , it is the attitude of fashion and life.I spent my day in front of a computer and a camera … I am in another direction than before . A big thanks. Thank you for the support and I hope the journey that has started 2 weeks ago to become more interesting for all of us. Beauty Cat is back…

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