Epsilon TV interview

Today I was invited by Nana Palaitsaki to her very successful talk show that is broadcast by Epsilon TV every Monday at 11pm.

I was very happy to meet her again at her studio, to talk about women and life ! She is a successful journalist with a wonderfully positive energy, a good person to talk to and a woman that has managed to overcome the financial crisis and various life problems. We were there for an hour, and it felt like only I stayed for 15 minutes. Time passes very quickly…

I accepted her invitation because years ago she had invited me again, back when I had my TV show at Ant1 TV named “The beauty cat”! Life is a circle and a game!

Nana is a very serious journalist and a beautiful woman, inside and outside. She is the first one to advertise my new blog and I enjoyed my presence at Epsilon TV. I am looking forward to watching the interview next Monday! Of course I will share it in my blog. It would be great for all of you to watch it, share your opinion about the conversation and participate in the subjects we had discussed. Good luck, Nana! Thank you for everything, and I hope to see you soon….

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