At the Benaki Museum

I just spent a wonderful day at the Benaki museum. I saw a lot of great things and found some very interesting jewelry from satin, handmade by designer Mariella Rizou. She is making very unique pieces and exposes her designs in 3 different museums. I am very lucky that I met her and she told me her story. She started her line by making hand bracelets to ward against evil eye. We talked for a long time about this and she insisted I should wear this bracelet to avoid the bad energy around me. I put it on, never having occurred to me that silk can dispel bad energy. I love my fashion life!

Another surprise was her silk necklace. It is awesome! You can wear it with all your clothes and it comes out to many different colours. That is a smart way to change the look of a very simple t-shirt. I chose the green because of the season.

Mariella told me that she normally doesn’t have her jewelry photographed … however she made an exception for The Beauty Cat. Thank you, Mariella! Hope you like my photos! 😸

Mariella Rizou:

Mariella Rizou:

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