At Aphrodite’s island

At Aphrodite’s Island

Summer has finally arrived here in Greece!  Our amazing capital city, Athens, has a very long coast of many kilometers, starting from the port of Peiraias all the way down to the ancient temple of Poseidon at Sounion. Athens is surrounded by the water. Athens was chosen to be the capital of the country and Apollo’s light is always here. It is the city of the sun, but the name came from a contest between the god Poseidon and the goddess Athina; Athina won, hence Athens!. We are very lucky to have this opportunity to be so close to the water. I live in Vouliagmeni, a small suburb outside of the city center. ,Astir Palace Hotel is located here .At Astir Beach you can see the  ruins of the ancient god Apollo, play racket ball, take a dip in the sea, and sip your coffee leisurely. The temperature of the water is always good and the sun is always shining.  Astir Palace Hotel is located in the best part of Athens – it is like an oasis in the desert .There is an old hotel there called Aprodite, named after the goddess of love, that years ago they decided to rebuilt, but didn’t. It is in a semi demolished state, unfortunately. I call it Aphrodite’s island .Today I decided to pass by to see the unbelievable view and I made some pictures with my orange Zara bathing suit.

Summer in Greece never stops!

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