amfAR Gala Event

This is one of the highlights taking place during the annual Cannes Film Festival.
The amfAR Gala Event. Taking place at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. Precious objects are
auctioned and philanthopists from far and wide come together in the raising of funds to a Noble cause in support of the
of the scientific advance for a CURE to the Aids virus that effects Millions across the globe adversely. With such protype
philanthropy; experts close to the subject matter believe strongly that a REAL CURE to the dreaded disease is within sight.
By 2021 may Aids be HISTORY! In the end around and behind the glamour and stars is a deeper cause and as myself deep
down being a simple person and Mother yearning for the best enviroment n this earth for my children and future generations.
I understand the end effect is potentially miraculous and inspirational to a wider community.
With my initiative I am organizing with specific clothing garments a philanthropic sale
with proceeds going 100% to amfAR, a small effort but none the less. Stay tuned for more information and details.

“so lets be the change we want to be in the world” – Ghandi

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